If you know me well then you know that from time to time I try to do something good in my spare time. I speak at Ruby User Group which I love, I try to write Open Source libraries, I was one of the organizers of 1st wroc_love.rb edition and tried to help a little to organize the second edition. But as of today I give up.

I decided to devote all my spare time to fight with my health problems. In last 12 months I was 3 times in hospital, had 2 ear surgeries and as it turned out it was all for nothing. Or at least this is how I perceive it. Because a one tiny infection later and again I am practically deaf in one of my ear.

And that makes me really really sad. So sad that everything requires lot of effort. Working, smiling, everything. And I don't have that much energy when I am sick. I can only imagine how it is to be a healthy programmer. I would have so much time more if I didn't have to fight my illness. And I would love to spend it doing Open Source. I admire everyone who does it. Almost everything that I use for my personal life and in my work is open sourced. Almost all the money I make is earned thanks to solutions built based on Open Source tools. And I always wanted to contribute back. But I've just lost my heart to it. We stand on the shoulders of giants: Ruby, Rails, Postgresql, Redis, Mongodb, ZMQ, Linux, Chef, jQuery, Firefox, Webkit, V8 ... Thank you.

I promise I will be back when it is over. If it is ever over.

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