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Get faster rails development environment for Rails 3.0.7 in few seconds

I would like to describe two techniques for speeding up your Rails development environment.

Faster rendering

All credits for mentioning this goes to Eric.

This will only be helpful if your view renders lot of small partials. Ex. you render a big table and every cell is rendered by the same partial.

Faster code reloading

Rails "forgets" your code after every request so that next time the code is loaded again using autoloading. However this is totally unnecessary if you don't change the code between requests. Let's reload the code before every request if the code changes between them.

We use 'config/environments/development.rb' to execute watchr script for observing files. We only want to observer them when 'rails server' command was executed. In 'rails console' mode we use the 'reload!' command for manual code reloading.

The watchr script is going to update modification time of '.watchr' file and notify us about it if we want. You can …

The Witcher 2 - Installation error [pack3581.rra]

In case you encountered an error:: "There is not enough space on the disk." for file f:\Program Files\Wiedźmin 2\CookedPC\pack3581.rra you should know that it might mean 2 things:

there is not enough space on the disc;

you tried to install the game on FAT filesystem which does not handle such big files. Try to install the game on NTFS filesystem or convert existing one.

Wiedźmin 2 - błąd instalacji [pack3581.rra]

Jeśli w czasie Twojej instalacji Wiedźmina 2 wystąpił błąd: "Za mało miejsca na dysku" dla pliku f:\Program Files\Wiedźmin 2\CookedPC\pack3581.rra to może oznaczać, że:

faktycznie masz za mało miejsca na dysku;

próbowałeś zainstalować grę na systemie plików FAT, który nie obsługuje tak dużych plików. Zainstaluj na grę na dysku z system plików NTFS